Maritime Instruction Program

The OYCYF knows that quality instruction advances juniors’ intellectual, affective and performance skills needed in maritime settings.  Quality classroom instruction, which must address safety, integrates fun throughout all learning activities.  

Presentations and demonstrations, which precede and review on-the-water activities, benefit from a wide variety of resources.  Examples include:  

  • Instructional and visual aids:  magnetic marker boards, projector, computer, posters, videos, boat models, race-timer watches
  • Books and handouts:  Racing Rules of Sailing, sail trim, tactics, Speed Smarts
  • Special events:  regatta and field trip travel, Junior Night Out supplies, and land-based components of race clinics and new crew training
  • Safety: fire extinguisher, defibrillator, instructor t-shirts, new staff orientation notebooks 
  • Instructor development and certification: US Sailing certifications (Levels 1-4), background checks, first aid/CPR, Heads Up concussion training, SafeSport training, California boater certification; and instructor development, recruitment and retention
  • This is a Restricted Fund and can only be used for Maritime Instruction as described. Thanks to your donation, we we will be able to advance this program