Catalina Island Camps Grant Request Form

Please submit this form to request reimbursement from the OYCYF to attend Catalina Island Camp.

The OYCYF will provide grants for two children (one per family) to attend one week of the Catalina Island Camp, summer 2024. The grants will reimburse $2400 towards tuition and transportation to and from San Pedro. The specific dates of attendance will be decided upon by the parent and the camp. There are two one week sessions. Please see the camp website for all further information regarding dates and registration:

Eligibility and Requirements for the Grant:

  • The child must be a member of OYC Junior program or be a family member of an OYC member.
  • The camp grant request will be available August 1, with a deadline for submittal, September 15. 
  • The grants will be awarded during the last quarter 2023.
  • Proof of camp registration and payment must be provided for the OYCYF to process reimbursements.
  • In awarding the grants, the Board will take into consideration such things as the applicants involvement in the OYC junior program, other extracurricular activities, and recommendations from Learn-to-Sail instructors.

After submitting this form check your email for your receipt.