Junior Sailing Program

The Oceanside Junior Sailing Program promotes seamanship, sportsmanship and a lifelong interest in sailing to young people in our community. Courses range from beginner to advanced. 

Coastal Kiddos

The Coastal Kiddos program reconnects children with the outdoors. In today’s electronic age, many kids are growing up without any introduction to the natural world. Coastal Kiddos aims to change that by teaching children about the outdoors through games, activities, and lessons.

Ocean Institute Junior Scientist

In the lab, students will dissect a squid, study adaptations in our Discovery Pool, measure and graph different marine artifacts, and examine plankton and their life cycles under the microscope. 

Camper Leadership Training Camp

This is for campers currently in 10th grade who have an interest in developing skills for working in a camp or other youth service organization.

Catalina Island Summer Camp

Offered in either one week or two week camps, the Catalina Island Camp will give kids an opportunity to experience everything from snorkeling to hiking.  

UCSD Challenge Course

The UCSD Challenge Course offers a series of team building and creative problem solving activities. This amazing course features both low and high elements. Low elements are on or close to the ground, while our high elements consist of a Odyssey Teams Course as well as three 35 foot Leap of Faith elements. Staff will encourage individuals to set their own challenge while pushing personal boundaries in a low risk environment.